Full Tilt duology by Emma Scott

I got these books from NetGalley so thank you to them and the publisher for approving me to read these books. Warning, they will be some spoilers since I’m talking about both books in the duology. So, please be warned about spoilers before you read the whole review.

Full Tilt


Kacey is currently a guitarist in an up and coming band. She spends a lot of her time drinking and getting caught in the party life. She is also trying to run away from the issues she still has with her parents. Kacey just wants to get lost in the music and moments. Then, she meets Jonah, who’s the limo driver assigned to drive her band around.

Instead, she ends up at his apartment after too much drinking and it’s apparent they have a connection. Jonah is a sweet guy who just wants to make sure she is safe, and Kasey appreciates someone taking care of her after being lost in the music and alcohol.

A friendship develops between Jonah and Kasey. Emma Scott does this so well. She paints a picture of Jonah simply wanting to be a friend to Kasey, helping her see she should be doing whatever makes her happy. Being in this band and surrounded by negativity isn’t what she wants. When she realizes this, Kasey sees her connection and friendship to Jonah are much deeper than she first thought. She is second guessing whether she wants to continue to be a part of the band or start a different type of life.

Admist the pair and their blossoming friendship, Jonah is dealing with his own illness. After contracting a virus which ravaged his body, he was given a heart transplant and is trying to deal with the aftermath of such life altering surgery. He shares with Kasey how his medical prognosis may not be looking good, hence why he doesn’t want to jump into any type of relationship. He is happy with the way his life is… creating art and spending time with friends and family. Those are what Jonah wants to spend the moments he has left since the outlook for his health isn’t highly positive.

Jonah and Kasey promise to enjoy the moments he has left together. She quits her band and buys her own place in Vegas to be near him. Jonah wants to complete his art installation before he passes away. The pair just want to be with one another in the moments they are able to, plain and simple. Jonah has a brother, Theo, who is very protective and doesn’t like the idea of Kasey since his brother’s former girlfriend just left after the surgery. Theo wants to protect Jonah from anymore loss and pain.

Kasey and Jonah fall deeply in love, and it’s beautiful. They are meant to be, enjoying the moments they have and loving each other fully. However, Jonah’s healthy starts to decline and it’s only a matter of time before he will pass away. It’s lovely and heart breaking at the same time to see how love can end so quickly.

Jonah asks Kasey to promise him someday she will love again before he dies. Such a simple yet poignant promise which leads into the second book so well….


Theo is still dealing with the loss of his brother and best friend, Jonah. He has dreams of opening up his own tattoo shop and even keeping the promise he made to his brother right before Jonah passed away. Jonah knew Theo was in love with Kasey and asks his brother to love her, to be the one who is there for her because she is going to need someone.

Kasey has run away from Vegas because she can’t deal with the loss of Jonah. Six months has passed, and she spends all of her time at the bottom of a bottle. She is now living in New Orleans, singing every night at different clubs. She is never sober. They call her the drowning girl because she cries as she performs her music sets. Each day she misses Jonah, holding onto a special piece of art he made for her just before he died. Kasey has no idea about the promise Jonah asked Theo to keep.

Theo receives a phone call about the bad shape Kasey is in and rushes down to be with her. She left Vegas in the middle of the night, not saying goodbye to him or anyone else. He finds her singing at a club, drunk as always and not very happy to see him. Kasey begs Theo to help her get sober and three days later, she is cured of alcoholism. Which is probably the only thing I have  a problem with. The author does make  a note of it in the end, but it’s still problematic.

So Kasey is sober and Theo is trying to finish his degree back in Vegas. They become close, talking everyday and she calls him her best friend. They are both trying to still deal with the loss of Jonah. To find out how their story ends, you should read the story.

Once again, thank you to NetGalley for these books. I loved the series, and I look forward to reading more from her in the future.



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