Favorite Podcasts.

I know my blog is supposed to be all about book reviews, but I wanted to just send out a quick post to share some of my favorite podcasts.

My most favorite one is Sword and Scale. Hosted by Mike Boudet. It’s really dark, but it’s so addicting. You’ll want to binge on all 80 episodes. Check it out at: http://swordandscale.com/

I also listen to a few from across the pond. The Week in Scary and S’laughter from the U.K. The Week in Scary is hosted by a couple. Dan and Allie are great. I especially adore Allie because we became friends on Twitter. Emma and Lucy are awesome, too. They have the best senses of humor around. Legit the only podcast that I’ve ever loled at.

the Week in Scary can be found at: https://t.co/qe5pDnHUyY and https://twitter.com/theweekinscary

and s’laughter can be found at: https://twitter.com/slaughterthepod and https://t.co/nHlkrJTRjm

A few others I adore are true crime garage. The Captain and Nick cover true crime stories and they drink some beer. You can check them out @ http://truecrimegarage.com .

the night time podcast . Jordan covers the weird, mysterious  and all kinds of topics from Canada. He’s actually really nice too! Check his podcast out at http://nighttimepodcast.com and at https://mobile.twitter.com/NightTimePod

These are just some I listen and love. Just wanted to share some of my favorites for anyone interested.



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