Heartless by Marissa Meyer book review

Rating 4.05/5 stars

Buddy read with Amber


Murderer. Martyr. Monarch. Mad.

A simple prophecy which sums up this book so well. Because we all know how it is going to end. There isn’t going to be any happy endings worthy of a fairy tale. The reader goes into this book knowing the fate of the queen, and I feel this makes the story even stronger.

Cath enjoys baking, and she has a dream of opening up a bakery with her best friend. However, she’s the daughter of the Marquess and Marchioness of Turtle Rock. She is Lady Catherine Pinkerton, and her goal should be using her baking skills so she can win the love of the King of Hearts. Cath shouldn’t have dreams of doing anything except working her hardest to become the future Queen of Hearts. But this isn’t what she wants from life.

This book is really good, but it has its problems too. There are a lot of cakes and sweets in the beginning. I spent the start of this book being really hungry. I love sweets so I wish there was a way to eat all of the food from this book.

This book makes me want to read Lewis Carroll now. I suppose that’s the point. I think even Meyer said she wanted people to be able to dive into his work. She got me so intrigued I ordered a complete illustrated collection of the Alice books before I even finished Heartless.

There are other fairy tale elements I liked, too. She had an Edgar Allen Poe Raven and Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater. Those are fun little bits in the book I liked.

The Jest is adorable. Though I wish he actually had a name….

Just a little bit of what I didn’t like about this book.

The instalove between Jest and Cath. They were suddenly just really in love, with no real rhyme or reason behind the feelings. You can’t just fall in love with someone so quickly. Just saying.

I kind of wish the book had been darker. The story should have had some darker elements, especially with the prophecy. This book was kind of fluffy at times though. I would have loved it a lot darker, and the Hatta to have been a whole lot madder.

Cath just let everyone tell her what to do, and she never made her own choices. She never actually fought for what she wanted, doing whatever she needed so she could be happy. All she did was complain she was never going to have a bakery and how she didn’t want to marry the king. Yet she never did anything. She just hates how her life is, but she doesn’t change it.

The king is just annoying. And I hated him the whole time. I hope she eventually cuts off his head. He giggles. Wtf.

I expected more fro the ending. All of the build up was like…. a lot. Even though sometimes it was a boring story. I wanted to be overcome with emotion. But I was just like okay, so that explains the title.

I wish the book would have been longer so there would have been more cutting off of heads. Maybe there will be another book, and I can revel in her just chopping off many heads. A girl can hope, right?

In summary: It was a pretty good book, but it could be kind of boring. I wanted more darkness and madness. Also I just want a lot of heads on the chopping block. Rolling heads extravaganza across Hearts. Yes, please. I really do ,over the way Marissa Meyer writes though. She did so well I had to stop reading and buy all of the Alice books on Amazon. I don’t think I’ve had an experience where reading a book has made me want to do that before. I just hope she just changes her mind and writes a sequel. That’d make me really happy. I want a book series about a villain for once.


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