The One Memory of Flora Banks Book Review


Thank you so much to Penguin and NetGalley for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange for a review. This will also be posted on my WordPress blog at

I had heard of this book from someone whose channel I regularly watch on YouTube. Hence, I was really interested when I saw the chance to read a copy. I didn’t really know what this book would be about, but it was an interesting read. I haven’t read anything by Emily Barr, but I’ll definitely keep an eye out in the future.

Flora Banks suffers from anterograde amnesia, which impacts every day of her life. She can remember her life when she was ten, before she had a brain tumor. But she has no ability to retain her short term memory and has to reminded of who she is all of the time. The only memory she has is about kissing her best friend’s boyfriend so she clings to the memory in hopes it could mean something greater to her.

I thought this book was going to be a love story. Like Flora kisses a boy, and she is going to be all better. This is not a book like that at all. I guess you could say this is a love story, but it would be better to say it is more of a love story about how Flora learns to be brave and be herself. So, I don’t know what that means. I suppose it is a love story about finding yourself in a way. But it’s even deeper than that as well.

I like Flora as a narrator. She repeats herself often, but she works so hard to try and remember. I admire her spirit and how hard she works to be independent despite of the problems she faces with her her memory impairment. It reminds of when I was a teenage, but it has a much stronger element of Flora tries to deal with her inability to form new memories paired with her desire to understand why she can remember a kiss with a boy. Although sometimes I did want to protect her the way her parents did because some of the choices she makes are a little bit dangerous. I know she is trying to find herself and assert her independence, but I was always kind of worried because she has a memory problem and it could have gotten dangerous for her if she hadn’t always met nice people who wanted to help her?!

I could go on and on about this book,but I’m going to stop before I start posting spoilers. Overall, this is a really good book. It made me thankful for the independence I do have, and I’d actually love for another story about Flora to see what the future holds for her!


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