Unblemished by Sara Ella Book Review


My rating for the book is two stars. I’m really pissed I spent money on it. I just gave it away to a co worker when I was done, and I’ve been telling everyone how much I do my like this book.

Let me start by saying I probably held this book up on a pedestal way too high because I’d seen some of my favorites on BookTube say good things about the book. That being said, I think I was expecting way too much from this book. Hence, I was even more disappointed.

This is probably just going to be a rant about all of the things I didn’t like about the book, and then the one thing I did like. I normally don’t complain like this. Also, this is all my opinion and bears no ill will to those who like the book nor towards the author. I just really didn’t like this book. That happens. Let’s move on, shall we?

Okay. Everyone in this book is young. Eliyana is 17. Her mom is 34, and Josh is 21. Then there is a mention of her science teacher who was 23? Why is everyone is young? And why would Josh as a 21 year old even want to be messing with someone underage? I mean, laws are still kind of a thing. And her mom is so young. That just really bothers me. Maybe it’s because my mom was actually way older when she had me. I know young moms are a thing, but I think sometimes there’s such thing as too young. But that’s just my thought.

Why are there so many allusions to Disney and Harry Potter? It’s like someone just took a bunch of those pop culture references and threw them in the book. Plus, I feel like the author just likes to throw big words into her book for no reason. She’ll be talking and boom, a fancy word to impress the reader.

Also, she used the terms gag me and barf. And crud. No one says that in our modern times. She sounds like someone from the 90s and she’s supposed to be an 18 year old in 2017. As if.

Why are there so many mention of Ugg boots? I swear. She has Eliyana keep saying Ugg boots over and over. I got it the first time. Thanks.

I can’t figure out why she hears her mom telling her things so much. It’s like her mom is a fortune cookie. I know her mom is dead, but why does hear her voice all the time? I know what it’s like to lose a parent, but I don’t recall just hearing my mom spouting off fortune cookie wisdom to me.

I was confused the whole time. Just confused and bored with the world in this book. I had so many expectations and they were just failed so hard. I wanted to love this book, but I was bored and wondering how any of the fantasy elements of this book even made sense. None of it did.

Everyone also seems to be related too? I don’t know. Like I said, I was just frustrated a lot with this whole story.

I felt like I wanted to just give up, but I pushed through. I’m mad because I thought I was going to love this series.

The only reason I’d finish this series would be for Ky. I’d probably skim the next book just to see what happens to him. I only liked him… a lot… but this will probably be on series I place on the DNF shelf.


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