Falling for the Player Book Review


4/5 stars

New Adult Novel

Contains mature sexual content

I knew I needed this book as soon as I saw the cover. Also the one guy played for the Packers, and I’m from Wisconsin so I really loved that little tidbit!

Patrick and Max share a steamy encounter while still in college. Fast forward to a few years later and their paths cross again. Their first encounter has left a distinct impression on both men, and the pair is slated to collide once again with the type of chemistry they share.

Things I liked about this book: I liked how the story was about gay men. I feel like I don’t read enough books about same sex couples. Maybe I just don’t seek them out often enough, but it was refreshing to find some diversity in the types of characters written about. The bedroom scenes were very hot. This is one of those reads you raise your eyebrows at in a good way. That being said, definitely not a read for younger audiences. Patrick and Max also have cute nicknames for each other. There was also no stereotypes about gay men in this book. I also loved how Max was able to eventually have an open conversation about his sexuality with his father, and how his father was going to work harder at trying to accept his son. The world needs more tolerance, and I wanted to cry in the best way possible at how Max and his dad had such a tough but important talk about who Max really is.

Things I didn’t like: I thought there was sometimes too much of an emphasis about Max being so rich and Patrick being a mechanic. I know this is an issue, but I felt like they tend to dwell on the issue way too much. Every other thought was like oh Max is rich and I’m a grease monkey. I got it the first few times. I don’t need it shoved down my throat. The only other issue I had was the Packers weren’t mentioned more.

Overall, this was a great read. If you’re looking for a book that’s got a lot of sexy time mixed with some cute romance between some extremely hot men, you need this book in your life immediately.


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