Coming Up for Air Book Review


4/5 stars

YA contemporary

Thank you to Source Books and NetGalley for this arc copy. I’ve loved Miranda and her Hundred Oaks series since I picked up the first two a few years ago. There’s just something about her writing which makes her an author whose works I’ll read no matter what. I slammed down the request button when I saw this book was available, and I screamed with joy when I was approved.

Maggie is a dedicated swimmer who has aspirations to become an Olympic team swimmer. She’s spent a lot of time swimming and never really having much of a life outside of the pool. Her best friend Levi also has similar swimming dreams, but he’s managed to forge a slight life outside of swimming by hooking up with random girls at swim meets. When Maggie realizes she’s missed out on hooking up, she asks Levi to provide with her lessons. I mean, potentially hooking up with your best friend couldn’t possibly end badly, right?!

I liked how this book deals with teen sexuality realistically. Teens are having sex, and they shouldn’t be shamed. They should be given proper sex education and tools for safe sex. This book deals with the topic really well. I wish there’d been more books like this when I was a teenager because I didn’t really learn how to be comfortable and unashamed about my own sexual experiences until I was older.

This was an adorable story, and I love seeing when other characters pop up in the books. Miranda will definitely remain one of my favorite authors for contemporary YA books as long as she writes them. Also, major kudos for the references to Harry Potter and The Raven Boys! Anyone looking for a book to kick your butt back into reading, look no further than a Miranda Keneally book.


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