King’s Cage Book Review


4/5 Stars

YA fantasy

Oh my god. I just wrote a review and my iPad fucked up so I have to start over. Ahhhh. I hate technology so much sometimes. Okay, anyway. I love this series but I also sometimes am like whoa this is boring. It’s been a mixed bag for me. I don’t hate the series at all but sometimes it’s like there’s nothing happening and all of the good parts happen right at the end of the book so I have to wait am entire year to see how the story is going to unfold. Which I know is how the author keeps you hooked but I wish Aveyard would sometimes not leave at the great stuff for the epilogue because I want more good stuff to happen all the way through so I don’t discover myself skimming parts of the book to see when something exciting is going to happen.

This book was really good. And I was like wow a cage is such an interesting metaphor and the author does a great job at showing you how the cage is mutilfacted to Mare. I didn’t really think about it until I was writing this but the cage could mean so many things to her depending on if she’s thinking about Maven or Cal. Also. There’s something I really need to talk about from this book.


I know he is the bad guy. And he is murderer. He has done some horrible things and he is just so damaged. But can we talk about how it seems like he and Mare are meant to be? I don’t believe any of the feeling between Cal and Mare. I’m just like so why aren’t you with Maven because it’s like so meant to be! You have to be blind to think Mare should be with Cal because he is just really lame. Maven is so dark and vulnerable and he needs to be loved. That is all he needs. He sure as shit didn’t get love from his mother so he needs someone to show him he’s not fucked up. And it’s not like Mare is all sweet and innocent either. They belong together and I’m going to be so sad if they don’t end up together.

As soon as I was reading this I thought of Warner from Shatter Me. You know, he was all bad, but then you’re like omg I love him so much and it’s just so obvious he is the best one ever. That is what I was thinking the whole time with Maven. All I could hear was Warner echoing in my head over and over. Maven is going to do something to show he is kind of evil but also his mom fucked him up so he needs someone to love him and help heal his mind. I swear he is going to do something in the last book where all of us are going to be like oh my god he is actually good, like you know, the same way with Warner. Maven and Warner are like so similar to me. So please Victoria make Maven just like Warner so I can be happy with my feels and know he is ending up with Mare and it will be amazing.

Anyway. This was a great read. I didn’t really like the Cameron POV though. There was a lot of Maven. He is the best. Definitely now one of the book boyfriends. I’m anxiously awaiting the next book to see how this will all turn out. Either way, I’m definitely Team Maven.


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