Update I’m bad at blogging

I need to get back to posting one review a week. I’ve been neglectful, but I have been reading. Just a quick break down of my reading stats so far:

I’m currently at 142 books read this year… which includes manga, graphic novels, and audio books. I’m doing a lot better than I expected. I set my reading goal at 175 so I’m excited to see how much I will surpass it.

I have not been able to dwindle down my Goodreads tbr though… I keep adding and removing so that’s a currently faced issue. Maybe I can get it down by the end of the year though….

I still keep buying books and not reading them, guess it’s just a thing that happens…?

I need to start posting at least once a week on here. I read enough so I can easily just post a review, and now that I have a laptop…. I don’t think it will be a problem.

I’ve started to organize my Goodreads shelves so that’s awesome.

I have only reread one book so far this year…. and I haven’t read many classics…. I did read a few own voices books…

Hopefully I can still keep finding a way to meet the goals I set even if just a little bit.


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