Killman Creek Book Review

4 Stars

Adult Thriller

Trigger warning for violence, death, and just all around blood and gore. Definitely wouldn’t suggest anyone who’s sensitive and not into true crime or thrillers to try this book out. It isn’t for the faint of heart.

Gwen has a new life after dealing with the fall out of her serial killer husband murdering victims for years in the garage of the family home. She wants to forget about being accused of being his accomplice and just be a mother to her two children. There’s just one problem… her ex husband, Melvin, escaped from prisoner and is currently on the run. He’s trying to find his family… and not to have a happy reunion. So Gwen decides with the help of her friend, Sam, she is going to beat Melvin at his own game. The hunter becomes the hunted… what could go wrong?

Here’s what I liked about this book… it is a thriller that I could not stop reading. I wanted to know more and get answers. I was wondering how the story was going to play out… Gwen wants to protect her children and get her life back… very admirable. But it was also crazy dangerous so I was like, this may not end well. The creepy serial killer factor was accurate… with the stories of what Melvin had done. I write true crime podcasts so this rang pretty true to me. I must admit I’m a sucker for the bloody details so those made me want to keep reading. I also just needed to know what would happen next.

What I liked less… Sam just seemed strange to me. He used to stalk Gwen because his sister was killed by Melvin, but now they’re friends? And maybe more? I just was left with a bad feeling about the relationship. I don’t think Gwen needs to fall in love with anyone. Her family needs therapy and time to heal, not a replacement husband and father. But that’s just my thoughts about him. He wasn’t a bad character, I just couldn’t buy into the validity of the relationship.

I like the mention of the dark web and bitcoins. I don’t think some people realize how bad of a place it can be…

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for placing this book in the read now section. All thoughts and opinions on the book are solely my own.


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