Rating System

I don’t have a complex rating system at all. I pretty much rate books how I rate them on Goodreads so you know it’s just a basic one to five star system. It’s nothing fancy, and you can see all of my book ratings on my Goodreads profile as well.

One star: I don’t think I’ve ever used this rating on a book. If a book is a one star, I’m not going to finish it. Chalk up one stars to being chucked to the garbage and my DNF list.

Two stars: This is the review I leave for books I typically cannot stand at all. I don’t usually rate book stars like this unless I could just make it through, but I still didn’t enjoy the book at all.

Three stars: This is where books mostly seem to fall for me. They were the books that were decent, but I wasn’t overly thrilled with some aspect. This is the rating I give to most books, and I end up not remembering what the books were about. But I usually recall I didn’t love or hate them.

Four stars: This book was good, but there is some reason it didn’t reach the book all star rating with me. It’s usually a book I really liked, but something just made it impossible to rate a five.

Five stars: These are my favorite books of all time. Even if there is a problem with them, I will still love them and consider them among the top books I’ve ever. Usually reserved for the rare books since I’m picky.

All thoughts and opinions provided on books are solely my own and reflect no one else.