Carve the Mark Book Review


1.5 Stars

YA Fantasy

So. This book was so freaking slow. It took me so long to get through the book.

I thought it was dull, and I had a hard time keeping up with the plot. The world building wasn’t very good. Apparently the book was set in space, but it didn’t even feel like it. The book was hard to just finish. I wanted to get through it, but I do regret wasting my time with this book. The Divergent series ended up being a disappointment, so there should be no surprises at all.

I’ve heard the controversy surrounding this book, the racist and ableist issues in the book. I’ve read many reviews about it… especially how people are talking about how they didn’t realize the problems and apologize for not seeing the problems at the first place. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be to those who were hurt by the story. I can’t speak to either issue with complete understanding, but I can only imagine the unsettling feelings it’s left with those who were impacted. As a WoC, I understand how literature and media can create many negative portrayals. Maybe I just missed it because I didn’t pay close attention to the book… I skimmed a lot and my mind wandered… but I didn’t see the racist tones. I probably missed them, but I wasn’t like holy crap the racism. I can only imagine the hurt those affected feel, but I totally didn’t see it. I can’t speak at all about the ableist issues though because it’s not anything I have personal experience with.

This whole book was boring, and I’m really mad I wasted my time. I have to admit all the negative press made me want to read the book more… but I don’t play on reading anymore Veronica Roth in the future.