In a Order To Live Book Review


5/5 Stars


So I’ve been kind of learning about North Korea the last few years because of a documentary I watched on Netflix. I watched as many as I could on Netflix, and then I knew I wanted to read more books to learn about what is going on in such an isolationist country which holds so many people as prisoners and strikes fear in the world over.

This book showed up as someone I follow on Twitter saying such amazing things about the book I knew I had to read it immediately.

Park tells such a harrowing tale. She doesn’t skimp over the reality of the harshness of her child and the tumult her entire family dealt with during their time in North Korea. She tells stories about starving as a child and staying in a dark cold house, her parents were off trying to care for their family, and it was even worse when there were nights when the family didn’t know if they were going to survive.

The picture Park paints of North Korea is horrific… people are executed for watching movies and the Kim fascist family are made to be the greatest people in the world. It’s disgusting the Kims would tell the people their country was doing well, they were living in a paradise, and the Great Leader would never die. Except both of them did so… I can’t even explain how upset it makes me a country would treat its citizens so appallingly.

Park is such a strong woman. She is an amazing human rights activist who put her mind to bettering her life and did so. She was able to get her mother and herself to freedom and see her sister again. Park even was able to excel in academia when she wasn’t doing well as a child. She is one of the most admirable women I’ve ever had the honor of learning about. Her advocacy for making sure the horrible truths of North Korea are commendable, and I hope she continues being phenomenal. Highly recommend this book for everyone. It’s extremely eye opening and hopeful at the same time.