The Seafarers Kiss Book Review



Warning I didn’t like this book at all…

1.5 Stars

YA fantasy

** spoiler alert ** Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I was hesitant to finish this book, I won’t lie. I started it… then I saw there were some issues with the trans rep in the book. As I am not part of the trans community, I can’t speak to specific parts. It was just brought to my attention so I was concerned.

Also… there’s finally a gender fluid character. Which should make me very happy since I also use they pronouns. But guess what. Loki is made into the villain. Like one of the only gender fluid characters I’ve read about… besides Alex from Magnus Chase… and it’s kind of ruined the experience. Loki was just made into an irredeemable character thus creating the idea gender fluid people are either liars or irredeemable. It sucks this could have been a great character but instead was made into a bad guy who happpens to be non binary. Could’ve left that part out…

Also. The couple in the book punch each other? Like… I don’t get it? The last thing young people need to see in YA is spouse abuse. Literally they punch each other and decide it was a bad idea… just don’t do it in the first place. If abuse is portrayed, it should be like hey leave the situation immediately. Not decide to punch back and then stop all abuse. It’s very unrealistic to show abuse can just stop like that… it’s a harmful rep where teens may stay with an abuser just because the person says oh I’ll stop… no. That doesn’t happen.

Plus… there’s tentacle porn?! It’s PG. But still. Why is there tentacle porn. I wasn’t even sure what I read the first time so I reread and I was like oh no baby what are you doing… so that happens as well.

The book is a quick read… I can say that. I didn’t get the Little Mermaid vibes immensely because I was noticing other issues. I know some people like this book more than I did… and there’s nothing wrong with that. I just have a different perspective than most. I wanted to love this book because it seemed like it was going to be right up my alley. But I didn’t get the mermaid under the sea vibes I was hoping for at all. I mean the book started out so adorable… and then there’s a super negative portrayal of a gender fluid character so all of my good thoughts kind of flew away. A lot. This book may work for other people, but it didn’t jive with me. (less)